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1 This R package provides a single procedure `guix.install`, which
2 allows R users to install R packages via Guix right from within their
3 running R session.
5 If the requested R package does not exist in Guix at this time, the
6 package and all its missing dependencies will be imported recursively
7 and the generated package definitions will be written to
8 `~/.Rguix/packages.scm`. This record of imported packages can be used
9 later to reproduce the environment, and to add the packages in
10 question to a proper Guix channel (or Guix itself).
12 `guix.install` not only supports installing packages from CRAN, but
13 also from Bioconductor or even arbitrary git or mercurial
14 repositories, replacing the need for installation via devtools.
16 # Hacking
18 Use [Guix](https://guix.gnu.org) to enter a suitable development
19 environment and build the package:
21 ```shell
22 guix shell
23 R CMD build .
24 R CMD check --as-cran guix.install_1.0.0.tar.gz
25 ```