descriptionMediocre, uh, mail interface: mumi. A moderately prettier web frontend to Debbugs.
ownerRicardo Wurmus
last changeThu, 17 Feb 2022 22:19:02 +0000 (23:19 +0100)
2022-02-17  Arun Isaacweb: Preprocess search query from GraphQL before use. master
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Implement GraphQL endpoint.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Wrap handler before passing to run-server.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacscripts: Allow the REPL to listen on Unix domain sockets.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacscripts: Make web server address and port configurable.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Parameterize web server listen address.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacscripts: Report REPL server port.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Report web server address and port.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacguix: Delete guix.scm.
2022-01-07  Arun IsaacREADME: Add README.
2021-12-09  Ricardo Wurmusview: Wrap contents of diff lines with pre.
2021-12-09  Ricardo Wurmuscss: Show line anchors only in browsers supporting...
2021-12-09  Ricardo Wurmusview: Add line anchors.
2021-12-09  Ricardo Wurmuscss: Add scroll-padding-top to html tag.
2021-12-09  Ricardo WurmusUse div instead of span for lines.
2021-12-09  Ricardo WurmusTODO: Add task for dark mode.
2 years ago 0.0.1 First release.
3 months ago master