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1 * use syntax highlighting for Guile attachments
2 http://localhost:1234/issue/36487#2
4 * do not download messages outside of the worker
5 instead fetch whatever messages we already have from the local database.
7 * do not make Debbugs queries (e.g. with status-with-cache)
8 use the local database / local mail cache instead
10 * enhance query input with JS
11 style known keywords to make it clearer what is a valid query keyword (like =date:=) and what isn’t
13 * abandon mumimu
14 We had to fork mu to record the bug number with each message. Instead of using a fork of mu let’s use guile-xapian and build our own custom xapian database.
16 * allow multiple processes to access db
17 Throw to key `sqlite-error' with args `(sqlite-prepare 5 "database is locked")'.
19 * maintenance.git: redirect issues.guix.info and http variant to https://issues.guix.gnu.org
21 * MAYBE home page: present the newest issues first, and only open ones.
22 We currently show issues with recent activity (with the most recently touched issue first). This seems fine.
24 * Mumi has no paging: It only presents one page of issues, but it
25 doesn't say how many are there in total nor does it page through all
26 other pages of issues.
28 * Add links to all tag queries (such as "easy")
30 * add "mdate" (for message dates) and distinguish it from "date"