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descriptionMediocre, uh, mail interface: mumi. A moderately prettier web frontend to Debbugs.
ownerRicardo Wurmus
last changeTue, 10 Jan 2023 21:51:31 +0000 (22:51 +0100)
2023-01-10  Ricardo WurmusTODO: Add two more problems. master
2023-01-02  Arun Isaacdebbugs: Do not check for MIME encoded words in subject.
2023-01-02  Ricardo Wurmusxapian: Do not treat names as boolean prefix. 0.0.5
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmustests: Ignore search result order.
2023-01-01  Ricardo WurmusBump version.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusjs: Do not finish token on space when inside a prefixed...
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusjs: Simplify query tokenizer.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusjs: Tokenize pasted text.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusjs: Move tokenizer code to function.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusjs: Move constants out of function context.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmuscss: Let search field expand vertically when needed.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusdebbugs: Fix processing of bug subject.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusjs: Don't append a trailing space to query.
2023-01-01  Ricardo Wurmusjs: Ensure that input element is visible.
2022-12-31  Ricardo WurmusMove lines.js into mumi.js.
2022-12-31  Ricardo WurmusOnly act on clicks to the left of the line.
5 weeks ago 0.0.5
6 weeks ago 0.0.4
6 weeks ago 0.0.3
7 months ago 0.0.2 Version 0.0.2.
2 years ago 0.0.1 First release.
3 weeks ago master