2013-01-14  rekadobegin moving voice-related stuff to mdaPianoVoice
2013-01-14  rekadoreplace VstInt32 with uint32_t
2013-01-14  rekadomove keymap initialisation to separate function
2013-01-14  rekadoinstantiate LV2::Synth, not AudioEffectX
2013-01-14  rekadoremove more unneeded VST functions
2013-01-13  rekadoload samples from file
2013-01-13  rekadoConvert pianoData array to raw audio file
2013-01-13  rekadoadd Makefile
2013-01-13  rekadoremove VST functions
2013-01-13  rekadoupdate copyright header
2013-01-12  rekadoconsistent use of two space indentation
2013-01-12  rekadoadd manifest and port definitions
2013-01-12  rekadobreak out presets into ttl files
2013-01-12  rekadoadd original mdaPiano files by Paul Kellett
2013-01-12  rekadoinitial commit