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2015-02-11  rekadoname peg file after TYPE master 0.0.2
2015-02-11  rekadomove Makefile to top directory
2015-02-11  rekadoupdate license to GPLv3+ 0.0.1
2013-07-29  rekadofix off-by-one error
2013-07-29  rekadoreplace k with sample_index
2013-07-28  rekadoupdate README
2013-07-28  rekadoend = size for both plugins
2013-07-28  rekadopass sample pointer to tweak function
2013-07-28  rekadosimplify update function
2013-07-28  rekadoinline helper functions
2013-07-28  rekado[piano] initialise comb array
2013-07-28  rekadoadd connect script
2013-07-28  rekado[piano] fix: hardness offset may result in negative...
2013-07-28  rekado[epiano] fix: pick different sample for different velocity
2013-07-28  rekadocrudely merge mdaEPiano and mdaPiano
2013-07-27  rekadofind ttl files in $TYPE directory
2013-07-27  rekadoadd ttl files for mdaEPiano
2013-07-27  rekadomove ttl files to mdaPiano directory
2013-07-27  rekadomerge mdaPianoVoice.h and mdaEPianoVoice.h
2013-07-27  rekadomerge mdaPiano.h and mdaEPiano.h
2013-07-27  rekadorename peg file to ports.peg
2013-07-27  rekadogeneralise defines for both plugins
2013-07-27  rekadoadd mdaEPiano presets and data files
2013-07-27  rekadogeneralise Makefile
2013-07-27  rekadomove mdaPiano data and preset to own directory
2013-07-27  rekadoupdate README
2013-07-27  rekadoreplace Event with Atom extension
2013-01-26  rekadoswitch to LV2 Toolkit (lvtoolkit.org)
2013-01-26  rekadoupdate comments
2013-01-26  rekadomove keygroup loader to end of file
2013-01-26  rekadotrust find_free_voice to return a valid index
2013-01-25  rekadodefine number of samples as NSAMPLES
2013-01-25  rekadomark polyphony parameter as unused
2013-01-25  rekadodefine SAMPLES_PER_NOTE
2013-01-25  rekadoreplace note with key, remove note parameter
2013-01-25  rekadoonly use types in declarations
2013-01-25  rekadoeverything is public
2013-01-25  rekadorearrange variables in header file
2013-01-25  rekadomove around headers to match epiano project
2013-01-25  rekadoremove unused: param array, Fs, iFs, noteOn
2013-01-25  rekadochange formatting to match mdaEPianoVoice.h
2013-01-25  rekadoupdate internal state on render
2013-01-25  rekadomove around block for easier comparison with mdaEPiano
2013-01-25  rekadocosmetic changes
2013-01-25  rekadodo not reset voices on default case
2013-01-25  rekadofix typo
2013-01-25  rekadoremove unneeded headers
2013-01-25  rekadoremove setParameter
2013-01-20  rekadocut out individual samples more accurately
2013-01-19  rekadoset pos = 0 and get end from sample size
2013-01-19  rekadoload individual samples
2013-01-19  rekadoadd split samples to bundle
2013-01-19  rekadodo not hard-code pos and end
2013-01-19  rekadosplit samples
2013-01-18  rekadois_sustained queries m_key, not note
2013-01-18  rekadoremove commented code
2013-01-18  rekadoremove commented code
2013-01-16  rekadoupdate parameters on note on
2013-01-16  rekadofix tag names of presets
2013-01-16  rekadoset m_key to INVALID_KEY when silent
2013-01-16  rekadoreplace note with m_key
2013-01-16  rekadoconnect audio outputs
2013-01-16  rekadoupdate voice on initialisation
2013-01-16  rekadowrap conditional block in curly braces
2013-01-16  rekadodo not render voice if no key has been pressed
2013-01-16  rekadoremove EVENT* defines
2013-01-16  rekadostatically declare comb array
2013-01-16  rekadoregister plugin URI
2013-01-16  rekadoremove activevoices and voices loop
2013-01-16  rekadomove cmax constant to where it is used
2013-01-16  rekadoremove pointer indirection
2013-01-16  rekadoconvert process into render
2013-01-16  rekadoreplace programs[curProgram] with direct parameter...
2013-01-15  rekadoreplace param[n] with calls to p_helper
2013-01-15  rekadoremove voice[vl] from `mdaPianoVoice::on`
2013-01-15  rekadofix: key -> note
2013-01-14  rekadodampen/undampen notes on pedal
2013-01-14  rekadohandle note off event
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement key release handler
2013-01-14  rekadohandle note on event
2013-01-14  rekadofind next free voice
2013-01-14  rekadomove voice parameters to mdaPianoVoice
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement muffling setter
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement volume setter
2013-01-14  rekadoreplace setParameter
2013-01-14  rekadostore key in m_key; implement get_key
2013-01-14  rekadoadd type and declaration of `on`
2013-01-14  rekadoinclude C standard lib
2013-01-14  rekadomove `update` to voices and call from synth
2013-01-14  rekadorewrite `processEvents` as `handle_midi`
2013-01-14  rekadoremove `resume` function
2013-01-14  rekadoremove call to `suspend`
2013-01-14  rekadomove `process` to voice
2013-01-14  rekadoremove processReplacing
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement note reset
2013-01-14  rekadocreate mdaPianoVoice objects
2013-01-14  rekadomove mdaPiano::noteOn to mdaPianoVoice::on
2013-01-14  rekadomove destructor into header, declare load_* functions
2013-01-14  rekadorename LV2::Synth parameters
2013-01-14  rekadoremove program change handler