name peg file after TYPE
[software/lv2-mdametapiano.git] / src / mdaPianoVoice.h
2015-02-11  rekadoname peg file after TYPE master 0.0.2
2013-07-28  rekado[piano] fix: hardness offset may result in negative...
2013-07-27  rekadomerge mdaPianoVoice.h and mdaEPianoVoice.h
2013-07-27  rekadorename peg file to ports.peg
2013-01-26  rekadoswitch to LV2 Toolkit (
2013-01-25  rekadomark polyphony parameter as unused
2013-01-25  rekadoreplace note with key, remove note parameter
2013-01-25  rekadochange formatting to match mdaEPianoVoice.h
2013-01-19  rekadoset pos = 0 and get end from sample size
2013-01-18  rekadois_sustained queries m_key, not note
2013-01-16  rekadostatically declare comb array
2013-01-16  rekadoconvert process into render
2013-01-14  rekadodampen/undampen notes on pedal
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement key release handler
2013-01-14  rekadofind next free voice
2013-01-14  rekadomove voice parameters to mdaPianoVoice
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement muffling setter
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement volume setter
2013-01-14  rekadostore key in m_key; implement get_key
2013-01-14  rekadoadd type and declaration of `on`
2013-01-14  rekadomove `update` to voices and call from synth
2013-01-14  rekadoimplement note reset
2013-01-14  rekadobegin moving voice-related stuff to mdaPianoVoice