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descriptionCustom package definitions for GNU Guix.
ownerRicardo Wurmus
last changeSun, 17 Dec 2017 21:12:33 +0000 (22:12 +0100)

Table of Contents

1 What is this?

This repository provides package definitions for the functional package manager GNU Guix.

2 What’s in it?

The packages in this repository fall into one of the following categories:

  • personal variants of packages that are already part of Guix
  • packages that should eventually be part of Guix but that cannot fully be built from source yet
  • software that has not been (fully) released under a libre license or where the license situation is unclear

3 How to use this?

Guix looks for package definitions in every module that can be found on the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, an environment variable holding a list of directories.

To enable the fully libre-licensed packages, add the “libre” directory to the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH:

export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=/path/to/libre:${GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH}

If you also want to use the tainted or non-free packages you need to also add the “non-free” directory to the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH variable:

export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=/path/to/non-free:${GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH}
2017-12-17  Ricardo Wurmuslibre: Add st-solarized. master
2017-12-17  Ricardo Wurmuslibre: Delete axoloti.
2017-04-29  Ricardo Wurmusnon-free: tek: Fix build.
2017-04-29  Ricardo Wurmuslibre: staging: Remove fcgi and fcgiwrap.
2016-12-02  rekadoAdd fcgi patches.
2016-12-01  rekadoAdd staging module.
2016-10-29  rekadolibre: my/emacs: Build with HTTPS support.
2016-10-10  rekadolibre: Add patch for Axoloti's libusb.
2016-10-10  rekadolibre: Add Axoloti patcher.
2016-10-10  rekadolibre: my/emacs: Use latest release tarball.
2016-09-11  rekadolibre: my/emacs: Update to 25.1-rc2.
2016-09-09  rekadoInitial commit.
4 years ago master