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1 Racket has Dr Racket. Guile has ... Emacs? This is Emacs with a few
2 settings that make working with Guile easier for people new to Emacs.
3 Features include: CUA mode, Geiser, tool bar icons to evaluate Guile
4 buffers, support for Guile's very own picture language, code
5 completion, a simple mode line, etc.
7 Imagine a person who would love to learn Guile but is told to first
8 learn Emacs. “Guile Studio” aims to be a more suitable programming
9 environment for Guile learners and Emacs agnostics. The goal is not
10 to create yet another “prelude” or starter pack for general use of
11 Emacs. Instead the only goal is to hide Emacs quirks and provide a
12 pleasant Guile + Geiser experience out of the box.
14 To install it try this:
16 git clone https://git.elephly.net/software/guile-studio.git
17 cd guile-studio
18 guix package -L guix -i guile-studio
20 Run “guile-studio” to start it.