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descriptionSimple SVG-based picture language for Guile. Inspired by the picture language in Racket.
ownerRicardo Wurmus
last changeSun, 11 Apr 2021 21:46:45 +0000 (23:46 +0200)
2021-04-11  Ricardo WurmusAdd subset of SVG path DSL. master
2021-02-20  Ricardo WurmusAdd guix environment file.
2021-02-20  Ricardo WurmusUpdate build system files.
2021-02-20  Ricardo Wurmusmake: Add target for manual post-processing.
2021-02-20  Ricardo Wurmusdoc: Fix weird mistakes.
2021-02-20  Ricardo Wurmusdoc: Replace @example with @lisp.
2021-02-20  Ricardo Wurmusdoc: Move images out of example blocks.
2021-02-20  Ricardo WurmusAdd options for prettier HTML manual.
2021-01-11  Ricardo Wurmuspict: Refactor.
2021-01-10  Ricardo WurmusAdd pict->pdf.
2021-01-10  Ricardo Wurmustext: Add support for border-color and border-width.
2021-01-10  Ricardo Wurmustext: Validate font-weight and font-style.
2021-01-10  Ricardo Wurmustext: Use Cairo to get ascent and descent.
2021-01-03  Ricardo Wurmusblur: Add comment.
2021-01-03  Ricardo Wurmustext: Add a little extra space on the right.
2021-01-03  Ricardo WurmusDocument text.
21 months ago master