2022-01-26  Ricardo WurmusUpdate version and copyright. main 0.1.1
2022-01-26  Ricardo WurmusMakefile: Adjust to changes in nyacc.
2022-01-26  Ricardo Wurmusguix: Simplify environment file.
2021-04-28  Ricardo WurmusUpdate README. 0.1.0
2021-04-28  Ricardo Wurmusconfigure: Set version to 0.1.0.
2021-04-28  Ricardo Wurmusgit: Ignore generated low.texi.
2021-04-28  Ricardo Wurmusdoc: Add introduction text for low-level bindings.
2021-04-28  Ricardo Wurmusdoc: Document high-level bindings.
2021-04-28  Ricardo WurmusMakefile: Do not auto-compile.
2021-04-28  Ricardo Wurmusdoc: Generalize snarf helper script.
2021-04-27  Ricardo Wurmusdoc: Add documentation of low level bindings.
2021-04-27  Ricardo Wurmuslow: Add missing docstrings.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmuslow: Do not capture get-{vector-,}attribute-names resul...
2021-04-26  Ricardo WurmusMakefile: Remove drmaa.scm.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Update format for time values.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Try to use native specs on unsupported attributes.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Add helper for setting native specification.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Always release job template on errors.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Add grid-engine? procedure.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Add memoized implementation procedure.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmuslow: synchronize: Make some arguments optional.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmusguix: Remove arguments field.
2021-04-26  Ricardo Wurmusguix: Use an older version of nyacc.
2021-04-25  Ricardo Wurmuslow: wait: Return more useful values.
2021-04-25  Ricardo Wurmuslow: Unpack opaque bytestructures.
2021-04-25  Ricardo WurmusDisable parallel build.
2021-02-16  Ricardo Wurmuslow: set-vector-attribute!: Reject attributes that...
2021-02-16  Ricardo Wurmuslow: set-attribute!: Reject attributes that are not...
2021-02-16  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Remove most init values.
2021-02-16  Ricardo Wurmuslow: wait: Add docstring, make TIMEOUT argument optional.
2021-02-16  Ricardo Wurmuslow: wait: Return alist instead of list of equal-separa...
2021-02-16  Ricardo Wurmuslow: make-cstr-array: Simplify and fix off-by-one error.
2021-02-16  Ricardo WurmusRaise an error if GUILE_DRMAA_LIBRARY is unset at runtime.
2021-02-16  Ricardo WurmusOnly use &drmaa-error for external errors.
2021-02-15  Ricardo Wurmuslow: make-cstr-array: Fix NULL termination.
2021-02-13  Ricardo Wurmushigh: Do not set empty values.
2021-02-13  Ricardo Wurmusv1: Add high level bindings.
2021-02-13  Ricardo Wurmuslow: run-job: Add docstring.
2021-02-13  Ricardo WurmusAdd (drmaa errors).
2021-02-09  Ricardo WurmusAdd a simple example.
2021-02-09  Ricardo WurmusLet's begin!