2021-08-10  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Move credential-scope to separate procedure. master
2021-08-10  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Sort headers.
2021-08-07  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Fix typo.
2021-08-07  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Set fallback default region last.
2021-08-07  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Add accessors to delay AWS_* env var lookup.
2021-06-29  Ricardo Wurmusspec: Import make-date from srfi-19.
2021-06-29  Ricardo Wurmustests: Add the most basic of tests for request signing.
2021-06-29  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Split up big make-operation->request procedure.
2021-04-17  Ricardo WurmusAdd support for Cost Explorer API.
2021-04-09  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: Use parameters for AWS settings.
2021-03-28  Ricardo WurmusAdd support for Route 53 API.
2021-03-21  Ricardo Wurmusguix: Fix syntax error.
2021-03-18  Ricardo Wurmusserialize-aws-value: Add a docstring.
2021-03-18  Ricardo Wurmusserialize: Upcase the first letter of any property...
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusIgnore test output files.
2021-03-18  Ricardo Wurmusserialize-aws-value: Rewrite to pass the tests.
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusAdd serialization tests.
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusMove serialization code to (aws serialize).
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusAdd Guix package file.
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusRename guix.scm to manifest.scm.
2021-03-17  Ricardo WurmusInstall .go files to site-ccache directory.
2021-03-09  Ricardo WurmusUpdate README.
2021-03-07  Ricardo WurmusREADME: Add TODO item.
2021-03-07  Ricardo Wurmusbase: aws-operation: Pass request arguments to request...
2021-03-07  Ricardo Wurmusspec: compile-shape: Prefer primitive type checkers...
2021-03-07  Ricardo Wurmusspec: primitive-type-checker: Recurse into lists.
2021-03-07  Ricardo Wurmusspec: compile-shape-stubs: Record encountered shape...
2021-03-07  Ricardo Wurmusspec: primitive-type-checker: Support string limit...
2021-03-07  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: aws-value->scm: Support parent name stripping.
2021-03-07  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Do not export serialize-aws-value.
2021-03-06  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Remove stray pk.
2021-03-03  Ricardo WurmusUpdate README.
2021-03-03  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: Only process server response if it exists.
2021-03-02  Ricardo Wurmusspec: Add comment.
2021-03-02  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: Use JSON for "rest-json" APIs.
2021-03-02  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: make-operation->request: Always append...
2021-03-02  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: make-operation->request: Send request...
2021-03-02  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: Add parameterize-request-uri.
2021-03-02  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: Split request-json-string.
2021-02-25  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Respect GUILE_AWS_DEBUG_ENDPOINT to ease debug...
2021-02-25  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Support sending of JSON requests.
2021-02-25  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Add request-query-string.
2021-02-25  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Parse JSON responses.
2021-02-25  Ricardo Wurmusbase: aws-operation: Make input argument optional.
2021-02-24  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Patch (web http)'s handling of the Authorizati...
2020-07-07  Ricardo WurmusAdd README.
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/api: Add API update script.
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/api: Update EC2 API.
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/api: Update Cloudfront API.
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/api: Update S3 API.
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: make-operation->request: Use lowercase...
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: make-operation->request: Use requested...
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: make-operation->request: Include content...
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: make-operation->request: Handle empty...
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: make-operation->request: Define PAYLOAD...
2020-07-07  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: Overwrite (web http)'s DEFAULT-VAL-WRITER.
2020-07-06  Ricardo WurmusAdd EFS API.
2020-05-25  Ricardo WurmusAdd ECR API.
2020-05-21  Ricardo WurmusAdd EBS API.
2020-05-20  Ricardo WurmusAdd ECS API.
2019-07-24  Ricardo WurmusInitial commit.