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paredit --> smartparens.
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2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusparedit --> smartparens. master
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove my/fix-sentence.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusorg: Remove custom face colours.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusmodeline: Configure ERC track position.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusemail: Don't set mu4e-maildir.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusprojectile-global-mode --> projectile-mode.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusemail: Remove my/maybe-decrypt-inline.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusemail: Remove mu4e-user-mail-address-list.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusemail: Unsubscribe from oss-security.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusemail: Unsubscribe from lilypond devel list.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove Window management stuff.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove term-mode hook.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove prompt highlight.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusUse all the icons.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusGo back to solarized-light theme.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove clojure-mode.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove better-defaults.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove EMMS.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusRemove Ivy and Smex.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusmagit-diff-options --> magit-diff-arguments.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmuseshell/ff: Use forward-line.
2020-05-14  Ricardo WurmusAdd eval-when-compile requires to remove compilation...
2019-09-09  Ricardo WurmusAdd guix-commits and guix-patches to mail filter.
2019-09-09  Ricardo WurmusAdd Guix master branch to Geiser load path.
2019-09-08  Ricardo WurmusStop caring about EOMA emails.
2019-09-08  Ricardo WurmusRemove exwm section.
2019-09-08  Ricardo WurmusRemove CoderDojo email stuff.
2019-09-08  Ricardo WurmusUse tao-theme.
2019-09-08  Ricardo WurmusUse olivetti-mode.
2019-09-08  Ricardo WurmusRemove js2-mode.
2019-09-08  Ricardo WurmusUse "guix install'.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusUse new syntax for mu4e queries.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusEnable yasnippet.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusRestore buffers a little more eagerly.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusRemove GPG fingerprint from private email signature.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusAdd a serious "Work" section.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusUse Ivy instead of Ido.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusLoad Guix snippets.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusAdd my/debbugs-gnu command.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusDo not use ido-ubiquitous.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusDo not install things from marmalade.
2018-07-05  Ricardo WurmusI install all packages via Guix.
2018-06-09  Ricardo WurmusInstall ag and org-trello.
2018-06-09  Ricardo WurmusAdd section for EXWM.
2018-06-09  Ricardo WurmusMinor changes for Emacs upgrade.
2017-11-11  Ricardo WurmusTried helm, didn't like it.
2017-11-11  Ricardo WurmusSet guix-hydra-url.
2017-11-11  Ricardo WurmusFix ssh-dtach command.
2017-11-11  Ricardo WurmusRestore fewer buffers immediately upon start.
2017-03-01  Ricardo WurmusRemove some deprecation warnings.
2017-02-21  Ricardo WurmusAdd section "Modeline".
2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmuslilypond: Don't load on office workstation.
2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmustheme: require solarized before loading theme.
2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmusmail: Split contexts; load only work context at work.
2017-02-21  Ricardo WurmusImprove text a bit.
2017-02-21  Ricardo WurmusAdd binding for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2017-02-21  Ricardo WurmusRemove Zenburn theme.
2017-02-21  Ricardo WurmusShorten lines when they are longer than 380 characters.
2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmuspackages: Correct Guix package names.
2017-02-18  Ricardo WurmusFix scrolling behaviour without centered-cursor-mode.
2017-02-18  Ricardo WurmusMove contents of init-my-stuff.el to init.org.
2017-02-18  Ricardo Wurmusorg: Set org-edit-src-content-indentation globally.
2017-02-18  Ricardo WurmusAdd "Variables" section.
2017-02-18  Ricardo WurmusAdd work-around for long lines.
2017-02-18  Ricardo Wurmusguix: Load ~/dev/guix (not guix-wip), init debbugs.
2017-02-18  Ricardo WurmusAdd "Better defaults" section.
2017-02-18  Ricardo Wurmusemail: Add personal headers to outgoing email.
2017-02-18  Ricardo Wurmusemail: Use https in signature.
2017-02-18  Ricardo WurmusRemove guide-key.
2017-01-16  Ricardo WurmusAdd unused definition of "at-work-p".
2017-01-16  Ricardo WurmusAdd note about dynamic margins.
2017-01-16  Ricardo WurmusEnable paredit for lisp-mode as well.
2017-01-16  Ricardo WurmusAdd emacs-guix configuration.
2017-01-05  Ricardo Wurmusgeiser: Use only Guile.
2017-01-05  Ricardo WurmusDisable Lilypond snippet rendering in Org mode.
2017-01-05  Ricardo WurmusMove EMMS modeline config down.
2017-01-05  Ricardo WurmusLoad guix-devel-mode.
2017-01-05  Ricardo WurmusMove "emacs-geiser" up.
2017-01-05  Ricardo WurmusRemove separate shell configuration file.
2016-12-11  rekadoMove email configuration to init.org.
2016-12-11  rekadoMove paredit config to init.org.
2016-12-04  rekadoMove god-mode config to init.org.
2016-12-04  rekadoDocument paren configuration.
2016-12-04  rekadoMove smex configuration to init.org.
2016-12-04  rekadoRemove haskell-mode config.
2016-12-04  rekadoDon't explicitly require ido.
2016-12-04  rekadoLazy-load completion.
2016-12-04  rekadoemms: Load emms-setup before defining keys.
2016-12-04  rekadoLoad org config only when org-mode is activated.
2016-12-04  rekadoLoad magit when needed.
2016-12-04  rekadoAdd section for Scheme development
2016-11-25  rekado"org-block-background" is now "org-block".
2016-11-25  rekadoAdd workaround for company-mode/fci-mode interaction
2016-11-25  rekadoAdd lilypond configuration.
2016-11-25  rekadoemms: Move to init.org.
2016-11-25  rekadoemms: Load lazily.
2016-11-25  rekadoAdd babel config.
2016-11-25  rekadoInstall latest org mode.
2016-11-25  rekadoTangle to default name.
2016-11-25  rekadoUse :header-args: instead of plain :noweb-ref: