2013-08-17  rekadofix table format
2013-08-17  rekadonew style for tables
2013-08-17  rekadoactivate pipe tables extension
2013-08-17  rekadorefactor snippets
2013-08-14  rekadowavedrum: even more about loop headers
2013-08-14  rekadowavedrum: update section on loops
2013-08-14  rekadoadd style definitions for latest post
2013-08-14  rekadonew post: hacking the wavedrum
2013-08-14  rekadocopy images in /images/posts/*/
2013-05-27  rekadoupdate to Hakyll 4.2
2013-05-23  rekadonew post
2013-01-29  rekadonew blog post
2013-01-29  rekadologo links to document root
2013-01-24  rekadocreate "index.html" instead of matching it
2013-01-24  rekadoadd values for alt attribute
2013-01-24  rekadochange doctype to XHTML+RDFa (used for licenses)
2013-01-24  rekadoremove invalid target attribute
2013-01-24  rekadoremove invalid noscript tag
2013-01-24  rekadoreplace license tag with div.license
2013-01-24  rekadoadd alt attribute to logo
2013-01-24  rekadoadd type attribute to script tag
2013-01-24  rekadouse Hakyll instead of middleman