posts: add diagram for shared Guix profiles and store
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2015-03-26  rekadoprojects: clarify "inputs" as dependencies.
2015-03-24  rekadoexplain purpose of wavedrum project page
2015-03-24  rekadolink wavedrum page on index
2015-03-24  rekadowavedrum: reorder links
2015-03-24  rekadonew page dedicated to the Wavedrum project
2015-03-24  rekadoprojects: introduce the Wavedrum project
2015-03-20  rekadoreplace gitorious links with links to
2015-02-22  rekadolinkify projects
2015-02-19  rekadoprojects: add GNU Guix
2015-02-12  rekadoupdate LV2 synth "documentation"
2014-11-08  rekadoadd link to email self-defense page
2014-11-05  rekadoreplace about page with index
2014-09-21  rekadoremove column wrapper
2014-09-21  rekadorename "Music" to "Music on Soundcloud"
2014-09-21  rekadoadd link to gitorious
2014-08-05  rekadoupdate Libertree project info
2013-12-09  rekadoremove invalid links to youtube/vimeo/flickr
2013-12-04  rekadoadd public key
2013-09-20  rekadoadd GNU30 section
2013-01-24  rekadouse Hakyll instead of middleman