pass pattern to postList
[software/elephly-net.git] / site.hs
2013-10-27  rekadopass pattern to postList
2013-10-27  rekadovariable title for archive template
2013-10-26  rekadouse smart punctuation
2013-10-26  rekadomake it easier to load multiple markdown extensions
2013-09-20  rekadoadd Atom and RSS feeds
2013-08-17  rekadoactivate pipe tables extension
2013-08-17  rekadorefactor snippets
2013-08-14  rekadocopy images in /images/posts/*/
2013-05-27  rekadoupdate to Hakyll 4.2
2013-01-24  rekadocreate "index.html" instead of matching it
2013-01-24  rekadouse Hakyll instead of middleman