posts: add diagram for shared Guix profiles and store
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2015-03-20  rekadoreplace gitorious links with links to
2014-09-21  rekadolink to other wavedrum posts
2013-12-04  rekadoadd note about larger SD HC cards
2013-10-31  rekadocorrect error: WD2_PROG.BOR instead of PROG.BOR
2013-08-20  rekadowavedrum: clarify loop header info
2013-08-20  rekadowavedrum: 44.1 to 48kHz
2013-08-20  rekadowavedrum: link to parser/builder code
2013-08-17  rekadofix table format
2013-08-14  rekadowavedrum: even more about loop headers
2013-08-14  rekadowavedrum: update section on loops
2013-08-14  rekadonew post: hacking the wavedrum