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1 <h1>
2 <img src="images/soundcli-icon.png" class="headline" />SoundCLI
3 </h1>
4 <p>
5 soundCLI is a command line client for streaming music from <a href=''>SoundCloud</a>.
6 Timed comments are displayed on the command line as the playback reaches their
7 respective positions.
8 </p>
10 <p>
11 This screenie says it all:
12 </p>
14 <img src='images/soundcli-screenie.png' alt='screenshot of a typical soundCLI session' class='full' />
16 <h2>Installation</h2>
17 <p>
18 The latest stable (or stale) version of soundCLI is
19 <a href="">available as a RubyGem</a>.
20 Install it like this: <span class="code">gem install soundcli</span>
21 </p>
23 <p>
24 You can <a href="">download the source code from github</a>.
25 If you are a fellow user of <a href="">Archlinux</a>, you can install soundCLI from the
26 <a href="">Arch User Repository</a>. The latest development
27 snapshot is also <a href="">available as a package</a>.
28 </p>
30 <h2>Authorization</h2>
31 <p>
32 To access your own songs and those of other users, you have to authorise
33 soundCLI first. You can either provide a password once when starting soundCLI
34 for the first time or authorise the application by clicking on the button
35 below. You will then be redirected to <a href=""></a>
36 and receive an authorisation code. The application only needs to be
37 authorised once. If ever you want to revoke access, you can simply run
38 <span class="code">soundcli revoke</span> to delete the authentication
39 token or delete the connection in your SoundCloud account settings. Note
40 that soundCLI defaults to password authentication. Change the authentication
41 type in the configuration file.
42 </p>
44 <a href="">
45 <img src="images/larger-connect-with-sc.png" alt="connect with SoundCloud" />
46 </a>
48 <h2>Support</h2>
49 <p>
50 Head to the <a href="">github page</a> to
51 get more information, or to submit bug reports and feature requests.
52 </p>
53 <p>
54 If by &ldquo;support&rdquo; you actually meant <em>giving support</em>,
55 then fret not! You can show your appreciation for soundCLI by clicking the Flattr link. I shall be flattered.
58 = flattr("397352/soundCLI-a-soundcloud-client-for-the-command-line")
60 <h2>License</h2>
61 <p>
62 soundCLI is <a href="">free software</a> and licensed under the <a href="">GNU GPL&nbsp;v3</a>.
63 </p>