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1 <h1>Ecology</h1>
2 <p>
3 These essays and reports were written for my studies at the Open Polytechnic
4 and could be considered summaries of fairly recent research. If you find
5 factual inaccuracies in these documents or would like to complain about my
6 writing style, please send me an email.
7 </p>
9 <h2>New Zealand Ecology</h2>
10 <ul class="list">
11 <li>
12 <a href="downies/1-threatened-species.pdf">Threatened species</a>
13 <br/>
14 <div class="description">Phocarctos hookeri, Placostylus hongii, and Dactylanthus taylorii</div>
15 </li>
16 <li>
17 <a href="downies/2-new-zealand-ecosystems.pdf">Ecosystems</a>
18 <br/>
19 <div class="description">Coastal dunes; Rivers and streams</div>
20 </li>
21 <li>
22 <a href="downies/3-marine-reserves-and-nzbs.pdf">Marine Reserves & NZ Biodiversity Strategy</a>
23 <br/>
24 <div class="description">Investigative report on marine reserves; newspaper article on the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy</div>
25 </li>
27 <h2>Global Environmental Studies</h2>
28 <ul class="list">
29 <li>
30 <a href="downies/4-human-impacts-on-ecosystems.pdf">Ecosystems and human impacts</a>
31 <br/>
32 <div class="description">Definition of ecosystems; how ecosystems sustain life on earth; human impacts on ecosystems</div>
33 </li>
34 <li>
35 <a href="downies/5-industry-ozone-climate-change-agriculture.pdf">Industry, agriculture, ozone depletion and climate change</a>
36 <br/>
37 <div class="description">The impact of industrial activity on ecosystems; on ozone depletion and climate change; the impact of agricultural practices on freshwater</div>
38 </li>
39 <li>
40 <a href="downies/6-on-biodiversity-loss-and-human-population-pressures.pdf">On biodiversity loss and human population pressures</a>
41 <br/>
42 <div class="description">Essay on human population pressures, biodiversity loss, and the international response to these issues. Includes recommendations for future action.</div>
43 </li>
44 </ul>
46 <h2>Sustainable Development and New Zealand</h2>
47 <ul class='list'>
48 <li>
49 <a href="downies/3-1-sustainable-development--a-revolution-or-business-as-usual.pdf">Sustainable development --- a revolution or business as usual?</a>
50 </li>
51 <li>
52 <a href="downies/3-2-energy-production-and-consumption-in-nz.pdf">Energy production and consumption in New Zealand</a>
53 </li>
54 <li>
55 <a href="downies/3-3-fishing-in-nz.pdf">Fishing in New Zealand</a>
56 <br/>
57 <div class="description">Implications for conservation and fisheries management in the context of sustainability</div>
58 </li>
59 </ul>