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2 title: Introduction to jazz improvisation
3 tags: audio,music,guitar,coursera,learning,jazz
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6 Since a few weeks I'm learning how to play more interesting jazz solos
7 from Gary Burton through his [Coursera]( MOOC
8 [Introduction to
9 Improvisation](
11 What's great about the course is that it forces me to record solos and
12 upload them for peer review. I don't normally publish practice
13 recordings as I'm never quite satisfied with them, but this also means
14 that many half-decent ideas are never published at all.
16 You can find my growing collection of improvisation recordings in
17 fulfilment of the assignments [on
18 SoundCloud](,
19 embedded below:
21 <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no"
22 src=""></iframe>