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2 title: Chinese Tune / The mdaEPiano
3 date: 2010/10/14
4 tags: code, music
5 photo: mda-epiano-coding.jpg
6 flattr: 72898/LV2-port-of-the-mda-E-Piano-VSTi
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9 In the past two days (actually, mornings and evenings) I have been working on
10 porting the famous [mda EPiano VSTi plugin]( to the LV2
11 plugin framework. The sound of the electric piano is very inspiring. Hear for
12 yourself:
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16 You can [download the recording from soundcloud](
17 The recording was done with `arecordmidi` while routing all incoming midi
18 events through the LV2 plugin. An instance of `jack_capture` was used to
19 record the generated sound simultaneously. If you want to compare my port of
20 the plugin to your favorite synthesizer, you can [download the midi file
21 here](/downies/music/chinese-tune.mid).
23 The LV2 port can be
24 [downloaded from my git repository](