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2 title: Yueyin Tang
3 date: 2010/08/15
4 tags: music
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7 Just so you know why there has not been any update for a while: Jackie and I
8 were asked to play a 20 to 40 minutes set on a Wednesday night in September
9 with some friends in a bar. We think we could be playing these songs without
10 too much hassle:
13 - 神话
14 - Eye of the Tiger
15 - 天使
16 - Kayleigh
17 - 秋天不回来
18 - Caveman (original song)
21 I was told that there would be a full drum set and amplifiers for bass and
22 guitar. As we are but two people, I will play the Grand Stick to fill the spots
23 of both guitarist and bass player while singing. Jackie has to get back into
24 drumming within in the next few days, so I will be busy with tutoring her a
25 little.
27 "Caveman" is not a full song yet. Once intended to be the second part of my
28 *opus magnum*, writing stalled when I stopped actively working on the whole
29 thing. About three years ago I made a short [demo
30 recording](/downies/music/caveman_demo.ogg) of it in Berlin. The lyrics have
31 changed since, but are still incomplete. I will have to take some time to flesh
32 it out and turn it into a real song.
34 Last Wednesday I failed at recording 天使 for various reasons. For one the fear
35 to disturb the sleeping neighbours---they go to bed at eight in the
36 evening---was very inhibiting to my singing; on top of that sleep deprivation
37 attributed to rather sloppy playing. I also stared into the camera to often,
38 which made for disturbing footage. I am going to venture another attempt
39 tonight.