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2 title: One Night In Beijing
3 date: 2010/07/14
4 tags: music, youku, video, show
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7 When I noticed that the online voting system for the big Niuren 2010 event was
8 not to be trusted, I was pretty convinced not be one of those chosen to perform
9 on stage in Bejing. In order to be sure, I wrote a message to my friend at
10 Youku. Some hours later I was informed that disregarding the number of the
11 votes (which did turn out to be comparatively high in the end) I was supposed
12 to be invited to give a performance on the Stick. After all formal issues were
13 agreed upon, I prepared to leave for Beijing on Sunday morning with the Chapman
14 Stick in tow.
16 When I arrived at the venue I was surprised to find the stage to be a lot
17 larger than I anticipated.
19 <img class="full" src="/images/posts/niuren2010_beijing_stage.jpg" alt="The stage in Beijing"/>
21 When it was time for my soundcheck the clouds had formed a dark opaque blanket
22 across the unattractive skies of Beijing and at times rain drops mixed with the
23 soil on the vast meadow to form squishy mud. The crew seemed to marvel at the
24 impression of hearing two instruments' sounds, each articulated by one
25 individual hand on its own set of strings but on one instrument.
27 At about ten o&#8127;clock in the evening, the show began. It only lasted for
28 about 15 minutes as the occasional rain proceeded to grow into drowning
29 vertical streams of water. The stage was lacking any sort of rain protection
30 and it didn&#8127;t take long until the stage lights went off as the cables
31 were drenched.
33 The show was eventually cancelled which only made sense considering that most
34 of the mud-dwellers in front of the stage had given up their hopes for better
35 weather and had left the premises in shoals.
37 Disappointed we returned to the hotel. When finally everybody had returned we
38 discussed with the organizers how to proceed, how to salvage the investment. At
39 first the idea was going around to stage the event on Monday evening, without
40 an audience, just recording and pretending it all happened the day before. This
41 idea was soon discarded, though, when the organizers learned that most of had
42 would be flying back home on Monday morning. A compromises was found when the
43 decision was made to record individual performances&mdash;or rather very pale
44 and primitive versions of what was originally planned&mdash;in the lobby of the
45 hotel.
47 ![Recording video clips in the hotel lobby at 2am](/images/posts/niuren2010_beijing_lobby.jpg)
49 These clips&mdash;all of which were recorded between two and three
50 a.m.&mdash;are supposed to serve as teasers for the actual show which has now
51 been postponed to some time in August or September. I will add the links to
52 those video clips in the next few days, provided I can find them. A new entry
53 will be posted once the date for the postponed show in Beijing has been
54 confirmed.
56 **Update (July 29):*** The short video clip has been uploaded. You can [watch
57 it on youku](
59 **Update:*** Gao Ming interviewed the participants during the preparations of
60 the show. There is a 25+ minutes [video clip on
61 youku]( At about 2:40 he comes
62 across the table where I am relaxing with other participants.