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2 title: Newspaper Report
3 date: 2010/07/02
4 tags: niuren, youku, chapman stick, media
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7 [![small view of the article](/images/posts/newspaper.jpg)](/images/posts/newspaper-large.jpg)
9 A few weeks ago I accepted the offer to perform a song at this year's Niuren
10 Competition. As I was notified just two days before the event, I couldn't make
11 arrangements for taking the Stick, so [I just played a well-known song on the
12 guitar](/posts/2010-06-24-2010-niuren.html). After the performance, I chatted with
13 a woman on site who had an awful lot of questions for me. Turns out she is a
14 reporter for the local newspaper ["Overseas Chinese
15 News"]( Later the journalist asked me to send her
16 some photos of myself playing an instrument to illustrate an article they were
17 preparing.
19 The article is now available online, both as a [newspaper-styled
20 image](
21 and a [text
22 version](
23 I am very happy that they chose the photo of me playing the Chapman Stick at
24 home. Thanks to Sandra Yan for the article! (Careful: the newspaper's website
25 seems to be optimized for the Internet Explorer.)