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2 title: 2010 Youku Niuren Competition
3 date: 2010/06/24
4 tags: music, show, youku
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7 <img class="full stretch" src="/images/posts/niuren2010.jpg" alt="At the Shanghai venue of Niuren 2010"/>
9 In an SMS two days before the Shanghai event of this year's Niuren competition,
10 my friend at Youku asked me if I would want to perform a song on the stage.
11 After some initial hesitation I eventually agreed to playing the guitar while
12 singing. Originally, I wanted to perform 坏人 but at the venue I realized that
13 this particular song is not quite as popular as 秋天不回来.
15 Not very well prepared I got on the stage as the third performer that
16 afternoon. I unexplicably managed to spoil the guitar intro, but still nobody
17 seemed to really mind. It felt good not to feel the pressuring perfectionism
18 flaring up inside of me again.
20 With this precautionary tale in mind, go ahead and [watch the clip on
21 youku](! If you prefer to watch
22 a version that I'm okay with, then [check out the older
23 video](/posts/2009-11-02-qtbhl.html).
25 **Update (June 29, 2010)**: There is a [short clip on
26 youku]( that aired on TV to
27 advertise the competition. The clip was featured on the start page of youku and
28 thus reached quite a large number of people.