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2 title: Jia Ting Yan Bo Shi
3 date: 2010/04/12
4 tags: tv, chinese
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7 The final cut of what has been recorded for the interview show *Jia Ting Yan Bo
8 Shi* is going to be aired on Friday, April 16 on *Shanghai Dianshi Tai*.
10 You will hear Jackie and myself talk about many private issues and our opinions
11 on living in Shanghai. Our first live performance of [“Deng
12 Hou”](/posts/2010-04-05-deng-hou.html) is also going to be aired during the
13 program.
15 **Update (April 18, 2010):** A 20 minute section of [the show is already
16 online](
18 **Update (April 21, 2010):** [Part B]( and
19 [part C]( are also up now. At the end of
20 part C you can hear our terrible rendition of Deng Hou. The vocal harmony is
21 pretty off there.