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2 title: Billie Jean
3 date: 2010/03/26
4 tags: video, music
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7 ![Playing Billie Jean on the Stick](/images/posts/billiejean.png)
9 [This video]( was recorded some
10 time in December 2009. I had just learned how to [tap with both hands on the
11 Chapman Stick](/posts/2009-07-01-chapman_stick.html) when I was contacted by
12 representatives of the Chinese video portal []( They
13 asked me to provide them with a quick video of myself showing off the peculiar
14 instrument I told them I had just learned to play.
16 Later the video was to be tacked on to [footage that was recorded some days
17 earlier with the Youku team](
18 All together this was supposed to be my entry for the voting to join the show
19 全家都来赛 (the official English name is the silly *"Super Family"*).
21 As the show's purpose is to present talented families, I asked Jackie to play
22 the drums while I would cover bass, chords and vocals of Michael Jackson's
23 *Billie Jean*. The result [can be seen
24 here](