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2 title: Fur Man
3 date: 2010/03/23
4 tags: drawing, weird
5 license: by-sa
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8 The Fur Man is an obese mammal, who lives most of his miserable lifetime in
9 utter solitude. The reasons for that are rather obvious.
11 So far there has only been one sighting of the sickening Fur Man (on March 23,
12 2010). Some have suggested there might be only a single specimen existing on
13 earth, though this claim is disputed.
15 <a href='/downies/fur-man.png' title='click to see super-large version'>
16 <img class='full' src='/images/posts/fur-man.png' alt='artist rendering of the sickening Fur Man'/>
17 </a>
19 **Update:**
20 The Fur Man was sighted hiding behind a plant in an office building in Shanghai.
22 <img class='full' src='/images/posts/fur-man-white-board.jpg' alt='Fur Man sighting'/>