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2 title: Rehearsal
3 date: 2010/02/06
4 tags: show, tv
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7 Taking part in a confusing competition on TV requires more than just practise
8 on the own instruments at home. Dependent on the individual family's
9 show, more preparation is needed on site. Inspecting the technical equipment,
10 the available costumes and staging part of our performance under the guidance
11 of a choreographer (presumably) is going to happen all on that day.
13 Until then I will have to memorize a number of lyrics, prepare for the worst
14 (i.e. learning how to maneuver on the fretboard of the Stick with failing
15 monitoring equipment) and stuff my head with the most impressive Shanghainese
16 phrases... I can already see myself forgetting everything but singing and
17 playing the instrument; that sight is surprisingly not as horrifying as I
18 thought it would seem to me.