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2 title: Practise
3 date: 2010/02/04
4 tags: show, tv
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7 Today I've been practicing the whole day. "Long de Chuan Ren" works very
8 well on the Stick now while singing. I've also changed my interpretation
9 of "Niu Zai Hen Mang" (those of you who've downloaded the demo before will
10 hear the changes); I haven't yet uploaded new versions and probably will
11 not do so before the broadcast. If the live performance fails for some
12 reason, I might put up a what-if-version then.
14 Lately, I was trying to memorize the self-made Shanghainese lyrics for
15 "Hui Niang Jia" which I will have to sing partly some time during
16 the show. It is rather difficult and not rewarding as the song doesn't
17 sound nice---if that's despite or because of the Shanghainese lyrics I
18 dare not say...