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2 title: The Chapman StickĀ®
3 date: 2009/07/01
4 tags: music, chapman stick
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7 The [Chapman Stick]( is a stringed instrument invented quite
8 some time ago by [Emmett Chapman]( It is a blank
9 slate equipped with a grid-like touchboard, two groups of stings and a powerful
10 pickup allowing the player to tap notes rather than requiring fretting and
11 strumming.
13 ![Grand Stick after arrival in Shanghai](/images/posts/stick.jpg)
15 I usually describe the Stick as being a guitar and a bass unified on one
16 fretboard, though I think that it is much more than that. It rather combines
17 the advantages of a piano over a traditionally stringed instument---such as
18 tonal range---with the advantages of the fretted instruments, i.e. direct fine
19 control over the sound through plain fingers on strings. More than that, it
20 even expands on these concepts and brings a number of [improvements and innovations](
22 Check out the [official website]( to read more about what sets
23 apart the Stick from other tapping instruments.
25 There's a documentary about Emmett and the Stick story in the make. You can
26 [see the trailer here](
28 I've received my first Stick---a 12-stringed Grand---in July 2009 and have just
29 placed my order for an Alto Stick made from Indonesian Rosewood.