2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmuscircus: stick: Spread notes to both hands.
2017-02-20  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: Compress pause.
2017-02-20  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: stick: Reduce repetitive breaks.
2017-02-20  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: stick: Use more volta repeats.
2017-02-20  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: Unfold all repeats for shared score.
2017-01-24  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: Change ending of thunder before beauty.
2017-01-23  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: Add draft for final.
2017-01-23  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: keys: Fix octave in shifter.
2017-01-23  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: stick: Add ending chords.
2017-01-23  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: Update tempo map.
2017-01-23  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: increase speed earlier.
2017-01-23  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: end of shifter is longer.
2017-01-19  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: bass: Add fingering info for end.
2017-01-13  Ricardo WurmusTODO: update.
2017-01-13  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: draft Toto part.
2017-01-06  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: bass: Add finger info for fast part.
2017-01-04  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: stick: Add finger and string info to rest...
2017-01-04  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: stick: Correct transition.
2017-01-04  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: stick: Correct fast part.
2017-01-04  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: stick: Remove dynamics marker.
2017-01-03  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: stick: Fix solo.
2017-01-03  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: stick: Add fast part.
2017-01-02  Ricardo Wurmuswhite noise: Fix shifter.
2016-12-09  rekadowhite noise: stick: Add string info.
2016-12-09  rekadowhite noise: stick: Play with both hands for sustain.
2016-12-09  rekadowhite noise: Remove the awful ending.
2016-12-09  rekadowhite noise: stick: Use Alto Stick.
2016-12-09  rekadostafftab: Correct Bob's Alto Stick tuning.
2016-12-09  rekadowhite noise: stick: Play shifter on the bass side.
2016-12-09  rekadowhite noise: compress pauses.
2016-12-08  rekadowhite noise: Lazily transpose shifter.
2016-12-08  rekadowhite noise: Cut "eleven" part.
2016-12-08  rekadowhite noise: Change shifter timing.
2016-12-07  rekadostafftab: Set default midi instrument.
2016-12-07  rekadocircus: stick: Break bad beam.
2016-12-07  rekadocircus: stick: Add more fingering info.
2016-12-07  rekadosong1: keys: Fix octave in outro.
2016-12-07  rekadoDon't depend on guile-user and eval.
2016-12-07  rekadowhite noise: keys: Play octaves at the end.
2016-12-07  rekadowhite noise: keys: Don't jump.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Add more fingering info.
2016-12-06  rekadosong2: stick: Add more fingering info.
2016-12-06  rekadowhite noise: stick: Use StaffTab notation.
2016-12-06  rekadosong1: stick: Use StaffTab notation.
2016-12-06  rekadosong2: stick: Fix string numbers.
2016-12-06  rekadosong2: stick: Improve beam.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Use regular bass clef.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Add fingering info.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Use StaffTab notation.
2016-12-06  rekadosong2: stick: Use StaffTab notation.
2016-12-06  rekadoAdd stafftab engraver for Stick.
2016-12-03  rekadowhite noise: Play beautiful part longer.
2016-12-03  rekadowhite noise: Unify section names.
2016-12-03  rekadowhite noise: stick: Improve solo.
2016-12-03  rekadoUpdate TODO.
2016-12-03  rekadosong2: keys: Play chords during crescendo.
2016-12-03  rekadosong2: Prettify MartaRekado.
2016-12-03  rekadosong2: Fix up transition.
2016-12-03  rekadosong2: bass: Fix crescendo.
2016-12-02  rekadowhite noise: Adjust timing of silence.
2016-12-02  rekadosong2: Make MartaRekado longer
2016-12-02  rekadosong2: Faster!
2016-12-02  rekadosong2: Longer reprise.
2016-12-02  rekadosong2: Longer crescendo.
2016-12-02  rekadosong2: Adjust click track.
2016-11-24  rekadocircus: fill blank before solo.
2016-11-23  rekadosong2: Add crescendo part.
2016-11-23  rekadosong2: shift accent on marta rekado.
2016-11-23  rekadosong2: Adjust klick track.
2016-11-23  rekadocircus: speed up ending
2016-11-23  rekadocircus: Add bar before solo.
2016-11-21  rekadosong2: keys: Key change!
2016-11-21  rekadosong2: keys: Correct arpeggio and reprise.
2016-11-17  rekadowhite noise: keys: Print note names.
2016-11-17  rekadosong2: keys: Print note names.
2016-11-17  rekadosong1: keys: Print note names.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Change chord voicings.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Use polysynth sound.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Hold chords longer.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Print note names on keys part.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Fill second part with chords.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Don't tie rests.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Don't use "q" for non-chords.
2016-11-15  rekadocircus: keys: Pad out second half.
2016-11-15  rekadosong2: stick: Alternate hands more often.
2016-11-15  Ricardo Wurmussong1: adjust tempo
2016-10-11  rekadosong1: Add transition variant before outro
2016-10-11  rekadosong1: Shorten transition variant.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: stick: Lower left part A one octave.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: stick: Fix notes in outro.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: stick: Fix octave in transition.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: keys: Use only one staff when printing part.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: keys: Avoid octave jump.
2016-10-06  rekadosong1: stick: Adjust to avoid playing in zeroth fret.
2016-10-06  rekadosong1: bass: Align with recording.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: bass: Stub out arpeggio section.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: keys: Use closer voicing.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: Add section marks.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: stick: Move final solo arpeggio to bass side.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: stick: Simplify sustain.