song 2: bass: Use volta repeat with segno.
[music/pretentious.git] /
2017-02-22  Ricardo WurmusMove final targets up so that the wav target is the...
2017-02-21  Ricardo WurmusAdd target to build concatenated guide track.
2017-02-21  Ricardo WurmusAdd target to render guide track.
2016-12-07  rekadoDon't depend on guile-user and eval.
2016-12-06  rekadoAdd stafftab engraver for Stick.
2016-06-05  rekadoUse relative path for includes.
2016-06-04  rekadoRename directories.
2016-06-04  rekadoAdd simple PDF target.
2016-06-03  rekadoAdd rule to build part file.
2016-06-03  rekadoUse multiple CPU cores for lilypond.
2016-05-13  rekadotargets: Assume soundfonts to be at ~/soundfonts.
2016-05-13  rekadotargets: Export at sample rate 48000.
2016-05-07  rekadoAdd upload targets.
2015-11-15  rekadoFun with makefiles.