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do not attenuate tuner output at all
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2015-04-18  rekadodo not attenuate tuner output at all master
2015-04-10  rekadoboard: place and connect C450
2015-04-05  rekadoboard: load updated netlist, remove pin
2015-04-05  rekadoboard.pcb: update to latest file format
2015-04-05  rekadoremove superfluous pin
2013-01-24  rekadoupdate component names / silk screen
2013-01-08  rekado3 mounting holes: M2x0.4
2013-01-02  rekadoincrease mount hole diameter
2013-01-02  rekadomove cap away from drill hole
2013-01-01  rekadoremove out pins to -Vcc from board
2012-12-31  rekadoincrease route to pin clearance
2012-12-31  rekadosimplify routing of melody return cap
2012-12-29  rekadoredesign
2012-12-26  rekadoupdate all coupling caps to 10uF
2012-12-26  rekadoclean up middle section
2012-12-23  rekadoconnect reference voltage via resistor; reduce cap...
2012-12-01  rekadoreplace power filtering resistor with inductor
2012-11-26  rekadoreplace another JFET with NPN transistor
2012-11-26  rekadoreplace JFET with NPN transistor
2012-11-26  rekadoplace and connect transistor in tuner mixer
2012-11-26  rekadoadd NPN transistor to make mixer active
2012-11-25  rekadoadd transistor after bass blend pots
2012-11-23  rekadoupdate board to latest schematic changes
2012-11-22  rekadoupdate board
2012-11-20  rekadofirst complete layout draft
2012-11-19  rekadoupdate board
2012-11-19  rekadoupdate board
2012-11-18  rekadoupdate board
2012-11-18  rekadoadd pins for bass effects insert
2012-11-18  rekadoadd connector for inputs
2012-11-18  rekadomerge preamp circuits
2012-11-17  rekadocrossover routing
2012-11-17  rekadostart routing preamps
2012-11-17  rekadoreduce board size
2012-11-17  rekadouse BOURNS 3296w footprint for trim pots
2012-11-17  rekadoroughly align both preamp sections
2012-11-16  rekadobegin PCB layout