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do not attenuate tuner output at all
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1 # What is this?
3 This is a dual channel preamp in the making. I intend to use it with my [Chapman
4 Stick](http://stick.com).
6 You will need the [gEDA programs](http://www.geda-project.org) to view and edit
7 these files. The [PCB editor](http://pcb.geda-project.org) is required to edit
8 the board.
10 # Updating the board
12 After changing any of the schematics, the board should be updated in
13 the gschem directory with `gsch2pcb`.
15 gsch2pcb -d ~/.guix-profile/share/pcb/pcblib-newlib/geda/ project
17 This will place any new components in a file `board.new.pcb` and
18 generate a new netlist file `board.net`. The new components and the
19 netlist file can then be loaded into PCB from the File menu.