descriptionMediocre, uh, mail interface: mumi. A moderately prettier web frontend to Debbugs.
ownerRicardo Wurmus
last changeSat, 4 Jun 2022 22:07:48 +0000 (00:07 +0200)
2022-06-04  Ricardo WurmusRedirect /msgid/ URL to issue URL with message id anchor. master
2022-06-04  Ricardo Wurmusrender: redirect: Do not permanently redirect.
2022-06-04  Ricardo Wurmusrender: redirect: Build relative URI.
2022-06-04  Ricardo Wurmuscontroller: Add /msgid/ route.
2022-06-04  Ricardo Wurmusxapian: Store hash of message id when indexing files.
2022-06-03  Ricardo Wurmusjobs: set-status!: Expire after a month.
2022-06-03  Ricardo Wurmusjobs: The job consists of options; don't store them...
2022-06-03  Ricardo Wurmusjobs: Remove get-result/set-result.
2022-02-17  Arun Isaacweb: Preprocess search query from GraphQL before use.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Implement GraphQL endpoint.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Wrap handler before passing to run-server.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacscripts: Allow the REPL to listen on Unix domain sockets.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacscripts: Make web server address and port configurable.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Parameterize web server listen address.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacscripts: Report REPL server port.
2022-01-07  Arun Isaacweb: Report web server address and port.
2 years ago 0.0.1 First release.
4 weeks ago master