descriptionMediocre, uh, mail interface: mumi. A moderately prettier web frontend to Debbugs.
ownerRicardo Wurmus
last changeSat, 16 May 2020 09:57:04 +0000 (11:57 +0200)
2020-05-16  Ricardo Wurmuscss: Draw multipart separator also when following an... master
2020-05-15  Ricardo Wurmusview/utils: Show attachment size.
2020-05-15  Ricardo Wurmusview/utils: Do not render large attachments.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmuscss: Leave more space in the sidebar.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmuscss: Remove code.css.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusmessages: Remove obsolete delete-duplicates call.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusxapian: Collapse results for merged issues.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusmessage: date: Always return a date object.
2020-05-14  Ricardo Wurmusmessages: Remove fetch-bug.
2020-05-13  Ricardo Wurmusview/utils: Do not swallow spaces after URLs.
2020-05-13  Ricardo WurmusTODO: Add list of broken issues.
2020-05-13  Ricardo WurmusAllow download of raw message.
2020-05-13  Ricardo Wurmusview/html: Document severities and tags.
2020-05-13  Ricardo WurmusUse fibers again.
2020-05-13  Ricardo WurmusRevert "Do not use fibers web server."
2020-05-13  Ricardo WurmusRevert "configure: Don't ask for fibers."
6 months ago 0.0.1 First release.
6 months ago master