2020-05-18  Ricardo Wurmuselisp: boot: Replace removed FRAME-PROCEDURE with FRAME... wip-elisp
2020-05-17  Ricardo Wurmusloader: Handle interned constants as well as plain...
2020-04-04  Robin Templetontemporarily disable elisp exception tests
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonignore 'expect-fail' forms in elisp tests
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonupdate cross-compilation test
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonuse standard evaluator
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonguile-backtrace function
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonuse guile eval for elisp tree-il
2020-04-04  Robin Templetondeprecated eval-when situations
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonexecute top level require forms
2020-04-04  Robin Templetontop level fixes
2020-04-04  Robin Templetononly evaluate top-level macro definitions
2020-04-04  Robin Templetondegenerate let forms
2020-04-04  Robin Templetoneval-when
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonfset macro
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonuse defsubst
2020-04-04  Robin Templetondefsubst
2020-04-04  Robin Templetoncompiler macros
2020-04-04  Robin Templetondefconst, defvar: proclaim special at compile-time
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonelisp @@ macro
2020-04-04  Robin Templetoncompile-elisp fn
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonfix symbol-function
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonrestore special operator handling
2020-04-04  Robin Templetondefine-module for elisp special modules
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonconstant-interning fix
2020-04-04  Robin Templetondefvar affects default value
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonsymbol default value procedures
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonread nil/t as #nil/#t
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonelisp updates
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonguile-snarf fix
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonprefer compilers earlier in list
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonallow arbitrary constants in cps
2020-04-04  BT Templetonguile-private-ref
2020-04-04  BT Templetonmultiple obarrays
2020-04-04  Robin Templetoncheck symbols constants uninterned
2020-04-04  Robin Templetonintern arbitrary constants
2020-04-04  Robin TempletonRemove CFLAGS from snarfcppopts.
2020-03-23  Andy WingoFix fixpoint computation in compute-significant-bits
2020-03-13  Andy WingoRevert "Fix build on platforms where the stack grows...
2020-03-07  Ludovic CourtèsBump version for Guile 2.2.7.
2020-03-07  Ludovic CourtèsUpdate NEWS.
2020-03-07  Andy WingoBump user-visible copyright years to 2020
2020-03-07  Ludovic CourtèsActually run '00-repl-server.test'.
2020-02-12  John Paul Adrian... Fix build on platforms where the stack grows upwards.
2020-02-12  Ludovic CourtèsHandle GMP allocations through libgc and remove bignum...
2020-02-12  Ludovic CourtèsRemove duplicate procedure in slot-allocation.scm.
2020-02-12  Ludovic Courtèstexinfo: Properly render @acronym in plain text.
2020-02-12  Ludovic Courtèstexinfo: Add '*line-width*' fluid to control line wrapping.
2020-02-12  Daniel LlorensFix check for rl_get_keymap
2020-01-23  Rob Browning00-repl-server.test: don't use fixed path for socket
2020-01-12  Rob BrowningRespect thread local fluid defaults
2020-01-12  Andy WingoFix peval bug that ignored excess args
2020-01-03  Ludovic Courtèsweb: Update comment regarding the 'tls-wrap' port wrapper.
2019-12-09  Ludovic CourtèsFix non-deterministic crash in 'finalization_thread_proc'.
2019-11-18  Ludovic Courtèsports: 'scm_port_poll' honors "w" flags.
2019-07-07  Ludovic Courtèsbuild: Do not record LDFLAGS in .pc file.
2019-06-30  Ludovic CourtèsBump version for Guile 2.2.6.
2019-06-30  Ludovic CourtèsUpdate NEWS.
2019-06-30  Ludovic CourtèsREPL server: Avoid deprecated '_IOFBF'.
2019-06-30  Ludovic Courtès'strftime' and 'strptime' honor the locale encoding.
2019-06-30  Ludovic Courtèsdoc: Document optional parameter of 'stat'.
2019-06-30  Ludovic Courtèstests: Add (web server) test.
2019-06-30  Ludovic Courtèsports: Export 'current-load-port'.
2019-06-24  Mark H WeaverRevert "web: Add support for HTTP header continuation...
2019-06-24  Paul Morrisdoc: Fix argument list in match-lambda docs
2019-06-24  Arun Isaacdoc: Fix minor typo in the HTTP headers documentation.
2019-06-24  Ludovic CourtèsRemove references to 'inet-ntoa' and 'inet-aton'.
2019-06-20  Ludovic CourtèsBump version for Guile 2.2.5.
2019-06-20  Ludovic CourtèsCopy terminating zero in 'scm_cat_path'.
2019-06-20  Ludovic Courtèssrfi-14: Fix possible buffer overrun in '%char-set...
2019-06-19  Mark H WeaverNEWS: Add information to remaining news items.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverNEWS: Fix typo.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverNEWS: More tweaks.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverNEWS: Add more details.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverNEWS: Add more text.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverNEWS: Add first draft of 2.2.5 changes.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverTHANKS: Christopher Allan Webber -> Christopher Lemmer...
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverUpdate THANKS.
2019-06-18  Christopher... stexi->shtml: Add support for @i, @math, @tie and ...
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverAvoid regexp ranges in HTTP inter-protocol exploitation...
2019-06-18  Mark H Weaverweb: Add support for HTTP header continuation lines.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverRename 'scm_c_make_char' to 'scm_i_make_char'.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverMake 'get-bytevector-n!' suspendable.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverSRFI-19: Rename 'tai-epoch-in-jd' to 'utc-epoch-in...
2019-06-18  Mark H Weaverfport_seek: Eliminate a fruitless use of 'off_t_or_off6...
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverFix documentation of R6RS 'binary-port?' to reflect...
2019-06-18  Mark H Weaveropen-process: Fix dup(2) and execvp(2) error handling.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverRefresh a stale comment.
2019-06-18  Mark H Weaverscm_mkstrport: Optimize the POS -> BYTE_POS conversion.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverMake 'get-bytevector-some' and 'get-bytevector-some...
2019-06-18  Mark H Weaveropen-pipe*: Improve performance of OPEN_BOTH mode.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverAdd get-bytevector-some!.
2019-06-18  Mark H Weaverscm_to_stringn: Avoid passing NULL to c_strcasecmp.
2019-06-18  Mark H Weavertime.test: Use 'pass-if-equal' in more tests.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverFix typo in tags.h comment.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverSave and restore errno in the signal handler.
2019-06-18  Mark H WeaverImprove overflow checks in bytevector, string, and...
2019-06-04  Timothy SampleMake URI handling locale independent.
2019-06-04  Ludovic Courtès'basename' correctly handles "/" and "//".
2019-05-14  Mark H WeaverUpdate iconv.m4 from gnulib.