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ownerRicardo Wurmus
last changeTue, 29 Jun 2021 19:11:47 +0000 (21:11 +0200)
2021-06-29  Ricardo Wurmusspec: Import make-date from srfi-19. master
2021-06-29  Ricardo Wurmustests: Add the most basic of tests for request signing.
2021-06-29  Ricardo Wurmusrequest: Split up big make-operation->request procedure.
2021-04-17  Ricardo WurmusAdd support for Cost Explorer API.
2021-04-09  Ricardo Wurmusaws/request: Use parameters for AWS settings.
2021-03-28  Ricardo WurmusAdd support for Route 53 API.
2021-03-21  Ricardo Wurmusguix: Fix syntax error.
2021-03-18  Ricardo Wurmusserialize-aws-value: Add a docstring.
2021-03-18  Ricardo Wurmusserialize: Upcase the first letter of any property...
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusIgnore test output files.
2021-03-18  Ricardo Wurmusserialize-aws-value: Rewrite to pass the tests.
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusAdd serialization tests.
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusMove serialization code to (aws serialize).
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusAdd Guix package file.
2021-03-18  Ricardo WurmusRename guix.scm to manifest.scm.
2021-03-17  Ricardo WurmusInstall .go files to site-ccache directory.
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