2015-08-19  rekadoposts: elephly: Add date of completion from old posts.
2015-08-17  rekadohaunt: Remove outdated comment.
2015-08-17  rekadoGoodbye Hakyll, hello Haunt!
2015-08-17  rekadoposts: Convert kobo post and add pictures.
2015-08-17  rekadoposts: Convert articles to HTML format.
2015-08-17  rekadonon-posts: Fix flattr button for soundCLI.
2015-08-17  rekadonon-posts: Move SoundCLI OAuth callback page.
2015-08-17  rekadonon-posts: Move soundcli.
2015-08-17  rekadonon-posts: Move ecology page to "non-posts".
2015-08-17  rekadoConvert articles to skribe format.
2015-08-17  rekadoAdd reader for skribe format.
2015-08-17  rekadostatic: Add feed icon.
2015-08-17  rekadocss: Add static separation between download buttons.
2015-08-17  rekadocss: Add footnotes style.
2015-08-17  rekadocss: Add lyrics style.
2015-08-17  rekadocss: add style for tags list.
2015-08-17  rekadojs: put "loadComments" stuff in own file.
2015-08-17  rekadoMove "downies" directory under "static/".
2015-07-26  rekadoMove favicon to static/
2015-07-26  rekadoMove public key to static/
2015-07-26  rekadoMove js to static/js.
2015-07-26  rekadoMove images to static/images.
2015-07-26  rekadoMove css to static/css.
2015-06-21  rekadoposts: New article.
2015-04-18  rekadoposts: Add Guix build system diagram
2015-04-18  rekadoposts: add diagram for shared Guix profiles and store
2015-04-17  rekadoposts: fix URL
2015-04-17  rekadoposts: add links
2015-04-17  rekadocss: add top margin to h3
2015-04-17  rekadoposts: new post about Guix
2015-03-26  rekadoprojects: clarify "inputs" as dependencies.
2015-03-24  rekadoexplain purpose of wavedrum project page
2015-03-24  rekadolink wavedrum page on index
2015-03-24  rekadowavedrum: reorder links
2015-03-24  rekadonew page dedicated to the Wavedrum project
2015-03-24  rekadoprojects: introduce the Wavedrum project
2015-03-20  rekadoreplace gitorious links with links to
2015-02-22  rekadolinkify projects
2015-02-22  rekadoposts: update links to git repos (github -> gitorious)
2015-02-19  rekadoprojects: add GNU Guix
2015-02-12  rekadoupdate LV2 synth "documentation"
2014-11-23  rekadoTEK: add section about doing this natively
2014-11-23  rekadonew post: how to upgrade the TEK firmware in a virtual...
2014-11-08  rekadoadd link to email self-defense page
2014-11-05  rekadosmaller font in tables
2014-11-05  rekadoincrease line height and margins
2014-11-05  rekadouse pretty web font
2014-11-05  rekadoimg: 100% width
2014-11-05  rekadoadjust styles
2014-11-05  rekadorender posts/latest.html, not index.html
2014-11-05  rekadoremove navigation. Use only index page.
2014-11-05  rekadoreplace about page with index
2014-11-05  rekadoadjust font size dynamically
2014-11-05  rekadoremove GNU inside
2014-09-21  rekadonew wavedrum post
2014-09-21  rekadolink to other wavedrum posts
2014-09-21  rekadoremove column wrapper
2014-09-21  rekadorename "Music" to "Music on Soundcloud"
2014-09-21  rekadoadd link to gitorious
2014-09-21  rekadoadvertise GNU/Linux
2014-09-21  rekadoupdate stylesheet to work better on small screens
2014-08-05  rekadoupdate Libertree project info
2014-08-05  rekadoupdate deploy command
2014-08-05  rekadoadd forgotten old post
2014-08-05  rekadonew post: wavedrum connectors
2013-12-09  rekadoremove invalid links to youtube/vimeo/flickr
2013-12-04  rekadoadd note about larger SD HC cards
2013-12-04  rekadoadd public key
2013-11-13  rekadowavedrum firmware is exactly 1MB
2013-10-31  rekadonew post
2013-10-31  rekadocorrect error: WD2_PROG.BOR instead of PROG.BOR
2013-10-31  rekadorender tags on archive page
2013-10-27  rekadoadd comments
2013-10-27  rekadoremove commented code
2013-10-27  rekadonicer code layout
2013-10-27  rekadoreplace mappend with <>
2013-10-27  rekadohandle tags
2013-10-27  rekadopass pattern to postList
2013-10-27  rekadovariable title for archive template
2013-10-26  rekadonew post
2013-10-26  rekadouse smart punctuation
2013-10-26  rekadomake it easier to load multiple markdown extensions
2013-10-26  rekadoOpenID delegation
2013-10-01  rekadocorrection: random, not urandom
2013-10-01  rekadofix syntax error
2013-10-01  rekadonew post: dm-crypt tutorial
2013-09-20  rekadoadd Atom and RSS feeds
2013-09-20  rekadoadd GNU30 section
2013-09-20  rekadounfloat
2013-08-20  rekadowavedrum: clarify loop header info
2013-08-20  rekadowavedrum: 44.1 to 48kHz
2013-08-20  rekadowavedrum: link to parser/builder code
2013-08-17  rekadofix table format
2013-08-17  rekadonew style for tables
2013-08-17  rekadoactivate pipe tables extension
2013-08-17  rekadorefactor snippets
2013-08-14  rekadowavedrum: even more about loop headers
2013-08-14  rekadowavedrum: update section on loops
2013-08-14  rekadoadd style definitions for latest post
2013-08-14  rekadonew post: hacking the wavedrum