Remove flattr things.
[software/elephly-net.git] / haunt.scm
2017-12-29  Ricardo WurmusRemove flattr things.
2017-01-14  Ricardo Wurmushaunt: Load favicon via https.
2017-01-09  Ricardo Wurmushaunt: Fix feeds.
2016-07-10  rekadoUse Geiser with Guile.
2016-02-24  rekadohaunt: Replace disqus comments with plain old email.
2016-02-24  rekadohaunt: Fix base URL for feeds.
2016-02-14  rekadoFix feed base URL.
2016-01-17  rekadoAdd TODO.
2016-01-17  rekadodirectory-assets signature has changed.
2016-01-17  rekadolist-template renamed to collection-template.
2016-01-17  rekadoUse new skribe reader in haunt.
2016-01-17  rekadomove custom skribe stuff to skribe-utils.scm
2015-08-17  rekadohaunt: Remove outdated comment.
2015-08-17  rekadoGoodbye Hakyll, hello Haunt!