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1 (post
2 :title "The Elephly"
3 :date (string->date* "2010-03-28 00:00")
4 :flattr "390348/The-Elephly"
5 :license "by-sa"
6 :tags '("weird")
8 (p [This is Chlodwig, the marvelous elephly. The elephly is a
9 creature half elephant, half fly, a quarter duck and three
10 quarters weirdness—amounting to 200% of pure awesomeness!])
12 (p (ref "/downies/elephly.svg" '(img (@ (src "/images/posts/elephly.png")
13 (alt "The elephly")))))
15 (p [Chlodwig came into existence when Rekado felt bored during a
16 class of Electrical Engineering. When Rekado realised the wonder
17 that his creation was, he decided to manually trace the outline
18 of the faint sketch in Inkscape and colorise it. This process
19 took quite some time, because it often required Rekado to remove
20 strokes and blur out details in order to reduce the drawing to
21 the most essential, but on the 21st of March 2009 it was done.])
23 (p [Get your very own scalable drawing of the elephly by touching the
24 elephly’s belly!]))