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1 (post
2 :title "Free software and music"
4 (h1 [Free software and music])
6 (p [My name is rekado and I’m currently working as a programmer and
7 ,(ref "http://gnu.org" "GNU/Linux") server administrator. I
8 enjoy writing ,(ref
9 "https://www.fsf.org/about/what-is-free-software" "Free
10 Software"). You can find some of ,(ref "http://git.elephly.net"
11 "my code here") or on ,(ref "http://github.com/rekado" "Github").
12 At night I’m a shy musician. I play the ,(ref "http://stick.com"
13 "Chapman Stick"). I don't like to publish recorded music, but a
14 recording of a representative piece of music will appear here
15 once it's ready. Possibly even before 2020.])
17 (p [You can contact me via email at ,(email "rekado@elephly.net").
18 Please use ,(ref "/rekado.pubkey" "my public key") when writing
19 me email. If you don’t know much about encrypting email, please
20 take a look at the ,(ref "https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org"
21 "email self-defense website") by the ,(ref "http://fsf.org" "Free
22 Software Foundation").])
24 `(h2 ,(ref "/posts" "Blog")
25 (a (@ (href "feed.xml"))
26 (img (@ (class "feed-icon")
27 (src "/images/feed.png")
28 (alt "subscribe to atom feed")))))
30 (p [On occasion I write articles. Here’s the ,(ref
31 "/posts/latest.html" "latest article"). I recommend the series
32 of posts on ,(ref "/tags/wavedrum.html" "hacking the
33 Wavedrum").])
35 (p [You might be interested in ,(ref "/projects.html" "these selected projects") that I'm
36 involved with.])
38 (h2 [Ecology])
40 (p [With some interruptions, I’m studying toward a
41 Bachelor of Applied Science via distance learning at the ,(ref
42 "http://www.openpolytechnic.ac.nz" "Open Polytechnic"). Some of
43 my ,(ref "/ecology.html" "writings on ecology can be found in
44 this section").])
46 (h2 [Weird stuff])
47 (ul
48 (li [,(ref "/elephly.html" "The Elephly")])
49 (li [,(ref "/fur-man.html" "Fur man")])))