load settings.ly with lilypond command.
[music/pretentious.git] / 03-circus / parts / stick.ly
2017-02-27  Ricardo Wurmusload settings.ly with lilypond command.
2016-06-06  rekadocircus: Add parts.
2016-06-04  rekadoRename directories.
2016-05-29  rekadocircus: stick: Fix syntax error.
2016-05-29  rekadocircus: stick: Fix ending.
2016-05-27  rekadocircus: Fix repetitions and finish tempo track.
2015-11-06  rekadocircus: stick: Add spooky section.
2015-11-06  rekadocircus: stick: Add solo.
2015-11-04  rekadocircus: Add drum count-in.
2015-11-01  rekadocircus: stick: simplify dance part.
2015-10-30  rekadocircus: stick: Add drama section.
2015-10-26  rekadocircus: simplify dance section.
2015-10-26  rekadocircus: stick: fix order of notes in arpeggio.
2015-10-26  rekadocircus: New beauty part.
2015-10-22  rekadocircus: stick: Add ending.
2015-10-22  rekadocircus: stick: fix octave error.
2015-10-22  rekadocircus: stick: fix weird melody.
2015-10-22  rekadocircus: cosmetics.
2015-10-22  rekadocircus: stick: Add missing bar checks in intro.
2015-10-22  rekadocircus: stick: split into left and right hand.
2015-10-21  rekadocircus: stick: Align intro repeats with bass.
2015-10-21  rekadocircus: stick: use "clav" instrument.
2015-10-18  rekadocircus: stick: Add intro melody.
2015-10-18  rekadocircus: repeat spooky part with volta.
2015-10-18  rekadocircus: stick: finish "weird" and "dance" parts.
2015-10-17  rekadocircus: fix stick offset
2015-10-17  rekadocircus: move to subdir.