circus: Fix repetitions and finish tempo track.
[music/pretentious.git] / 03-circus / parts /
2016-05-27  rekadocircus: Fix repetitions and finish tempo track.
2016-04-18  rekadocircus: keys: Don't play chords during beautiful part.
2015-11-05  rekadocircus: keys: Add beautiful section.
2015-11-04  rekadocircus: Add drum count-in.
2015-11-03  rekadocircus: keys: Add empty template for beautiful part.
2015-11-02  rekadocircus: keys: fix octave.
2015-11-01  rekadocircus: keys: Add weird and dance part.
2015-10-28  rekadocircus: keys: Add chords to dance section
2015-10-22  rekadocircus: keys: Add half time feel section.
2015-10-21  rekadocircus: keys: Add spooky part.
2015-10-21  rekadocircus: keys: Add comping for solo.
2015-10-21  rekadocircus: keys: Align intro repeats with bass.
2015-10-21  rekadocircus: keys: Set instrument per PianoStaff.
2015-10-21  rekadocircus: keyboard: use "reed organ" instrument.
2015-10-18  rekadocircus: keys: Add note duration.
2015-10-17  rekadocircus: keyboard: use variables
2015-10-17  rekadocircus: move to subdir.