Add chord track (enable with LILYPOND_USE_CHORDS).
[music/pretentious.git] / 03-circus / music /
2017-02-24  Ricardo Wurmusclick: Set midiExpression to 0 (not midiMaximumVolume).
2017-02-24  Ricardo WurmusChange relative paths.
2017-02-23  Ricardo WurmusSilence click/drum track.
2017-02-23  Ricardo WurmusMake all songs share the same score layouts.
2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmuscircus: stick: Spread notes to both hands.
2016-12-07  rekadocircus: stick: Break bad beam.
2016-12-07  rekadocircus: stick: Add more fingering info.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Add more fingering info.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Use regular bass clef.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Add fingering info.
2016-12-06  rekadocircus: stick: Use StaffTab notation.
2016-11-24  rekadocircus: fill blank before solo.
2016-11-23  rekadocircus: speed up ending
2016-11-23  rekadocircus: Add bar before solo.
2016-11-21  rekadosong2: keys: Key change!
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Change chord voicings.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Use polysynth sound.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Hold chords longer.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Print note names on keys part.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Fill second part with chords.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Don't tie rests.
2016-11-16  rekadocircus: keys: Don't use "q" for non-chords.
2016-11-15  rekadocircus: keys: Pad out second half.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: bass: Stub out arpeggio section.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: keys: Use closer voicing.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: Add section marks.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: stick: Move final solo arpeggio to bass side.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: stick: Simplify sustain.
2016-10-06  rekadocircus: stick: Fix key change conflict.
2016-06-10  rekadocircus: keys: Restore instrument changes.
2016-06-06  rekadocircus: Add parts.
2016-06-04  rekadoRename directories.