Remove padding from klick tracks.
[music/pretentious.git] / 01-song1 / music /
2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: bass: Fix octave.
2017-02-21  Ricardo Wurmussong1: stick: Add lots of performance information.
2017-02-20  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: Compress pause.
2017-02-20  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: stick: Reduce repetitive breaks.
2017-02-20  Ricardo Wurmussong 1: stick: Use more volta repeats.
2016-12-07  rekadosong1: keys: Fix octave in outro.
2016-12-06  rekadosong1: stick: Use StaffTab notation.
2016-11-17  rekadosong1: keys: Print note names.
2016-11-15  Ricardo Wurmussong1: adjust tempo
2016-10-11  rekadosong1: Add transition variant before outro
2016-10-11  rekadosong1: Shorten transition variant.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: stick: Lower left part A one octave.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: stick: Fix notes in outro.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: stick: Fix octave in transition.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: keys: Use only one staff when printing part.
2016-10-09  rekadosong1: keys: Avoid octave jump.
2016-10-06  rekadosong1: stick: Adjust to avoid playing in zeroth fret.
2016-10-06  rekadosong1: bass: Align with recording.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: Adjust ending.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: Repeat first verse three times.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: Adjust click.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: Add transition variant.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: keys, stick: Change verse chords.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: stick: Name staves.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: Change extension of "A" section.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: Change "A" section.
2016-10-05  rekadosong1: stick: Lower voicing in intro.
2016-06-05  rekadosong1: Add sheets for separate parts.
2016-06-05  rekadosong1: Move nastyPause to common music.
2016-06-04  rekadoRename directories.